Extending The Life of Your Baxter PCAII Pump

Expert Tips Straight from AIV

Broken Infusion Pump problems? Buying brand-new IV pumps doesn't have to be your only solution! Download our FREE guide and get these expert tips on prolonging the life of your Baxter  PCAII. 
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What’s In Store for You

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Is Your Baxter PCAII Infusion Pump Outdated?

Learn how to make your old infusion pump looking and running just like new!

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Easy Day-to-Day Maintenance Tricks

Keep your Baxter PCAII pump in good working condition by following these guidelines on quick upkeep checks you can do on your own.

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Infusion Pump Parts and Where To Get Them

Get the insider scoop on the best sources to purchase budget-friendly Baxter PCAII replacement parts from.

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Expand Your Infusion Pump Knowledge

Stay up-to-date on the latest IV pump information with these suggested training courses and conferences to join.

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Always Be Prepared

Find out which of the most common infusion pump parts often break down so you can stock up on spare parts to stay well-equipped and ready.

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Find High-Quality Pump Parts and Repair Services at AIV

Check out AIV's full set of brand-new and re-certified replacement infusion pump parts as well as their complete repair service options today.

Your Baxter PCAII infusion pumps last MUCH longer
when you apply  these top 10 tips. 


New replacement Baxter pump parts and accessories have been designed by AIV to provide both quality and value that medical facilities worldwide rely on. All Baxter infusion pump maintenance and repairs are performed by trained and experienced technicians in AIV's ISO 13485 registered facility which follows strict quality control standards to safely meet acute care infusion needs, Baxter IV pump maintenance standards, and reduce the cost of owning and supporting infusion pumps.

With same day shipment on Baxter pump accessories and efficient turnaround times on Baxter IV pump repair, AIV limits your downtime and protects your investment. Warranty is included with all repairs. AIV specializes in Baxter support and Baxter IV pump maintenance by offering the following products and services.