Five Mistakes to Avoid
When Purchasing a
Refurbished Pump

Expert Tips Straight from AIV

Are you planning on getting a refurbished infusion pump?
With this guide, you can discover expert tips on things that you should consider before your purchase.
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What’s In Store for You

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Know What You're Getting Into

There are additional costs associated with running your pump other than what's on the price tag. In this guide, we break down the true cost of operating and maintaining IV pump equipment.

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Planning Ahead For Your Purchase

It's better to prepare for your purchase sooner rather than later so you won't regret it when it's too late. To get you started, AIV has prepared a few questions to help steer you in the right direction.

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Discover Trusted Vendors

Get tips on where to find trusted and reliable sellers to source durable refurbished IV pumps from.

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Weighing Warranty Options

It's important to consider warranty options when acquiring refurbished infusion pumps. Learn about the various warranty types that you should be looking out to get the most value for your money.

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Understand Your True IV Pump Needs

Don't waste your money on features that you don't need. Discover how you can take full advantage of the flexible options that a refurbished IV pump can offer.

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Find High-Quality Refurbished Pump at AIV

AIV has a wide range of patient-ready infusion pumps, refurbished pump parts and repair services for major equipment manufacturers that you should check out.

Think smart! Avoid the five common mistake when
purchasing a refurbished IV pump.


New replacement pump parts and accessories have been designed by AIV to provide both quality and value that medical facilities worldwide rely on. All infusion pump maintenance and repairs are performed by trained and experienced technicians in AIV's ISO 13485 registered facility which follows strict quality control standards to safely meet acute care infusion needs, IV pump maintenance standards, and reduce the cost of owning and supporting infusion pumps.

With same day shipment on pump accessories and efficient turnaround times on IV pump repair, AIV limits your downtime and protects your investment. Warranty is included with all repairs. AIV specializes in support and IV pump maintenance by offering the following products and services.