A Buyer's Guide to Choosing The Right Shaking Incubator 


With the right shaking incubator at your disposal, you can shorten cell growth periods and save money at the same time. Stop spending all those hours jumping from website to website. BEING Instrument's free purchasing guide is jam-packed with expert tips to help you determine the best type of incubator shaker for your specific lab needs. Download your copy today!

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What’s In Store for You

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Pre-Shopping Prep             

Diving into all the different incubated shaker types and fancy features can be overwhelming. So, we have included a few short guide questions to help you narrow down your incubator shaker choices before you even start shopping around!

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Matching Your Shaking Incubator to Your Sample Load

The amount of samples you plan to process greatly influences the type of incubator shaker unit your lab will require. Learn the difference between compact, stackable, and top-loading units and the advantages each type can offer.

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Going Through The Motions

Incubator shakers come in many different shaking motions. Each type can affect the mixing and aeration of your samples in different ways. Learn more about the most common shaking movements to find the best model for your application.

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Diving Into Specifics

Match your incubator shaker to the samples that you work with every day. We go in-depth on the various incubator shaker specifications such as temperature control, RPM speed, shaking table load, and more.

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Different Temperatures for Different Samples

Various cell types require specific temperature conditions to grow. Get a list of our temperature range recommendations for each of the most common sample types. 

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How Labware Fits In   

Labware is often an overlooked aspect of the lab equipment shopping process, but labware compatibility can mean the difference between failure and success. In this section, we teach you which accessories and attachments go well with each piece of labware in your facility.

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Why Choose BEING Instrument?

BEING Instrument has been providing researchers and lab technicians with innovative and reliable lab equipment options for over 20 years. Our engineering and manufacturing experience, combined with our yearly commitment to investing 15% of revenue into R&D, guarantees that BEING can provide labs with new and better products to meet ever-changing industry needs.

BEING conforms to ISO9001 quality standards, and each product is certified by CE, CSE, UL, and ETL.