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Colitag™ provides unparalleled flexibility and accelerated testing speed in determining and detecting E. coli and total coliform for maximum lab efficiency. Eliminate time-consuming confirmations and obtain accurate test results within 16-48 hours.

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Colitag™’s 3 Most Advance Features

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16-48 Hour Testing Window

Colitag™ is an enzyme substrate test that offers unparalleled 16-48 hour total coliform and E. coli determinations. This method detects the presence of 1 MPN of total coliform or E. coli bacteria per 100mL water sample.

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Unrivalled Flexibility

Colitag™ provides maximum flexibility by extending incubation times so that technicians can read results at their convenience, anytime from 16 to 48 hours.

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Improved  Laboratory Efficiency

Eliminate the need for time-consuming confirmations required by other enzyme substrate media that emit less-intense fluorescence. Colitag™’s bright blue fluorescence indicates a positive E. coli sample for clear determinations.

Determine the Presence or Absence of Coliforms and E. coli in 5 Easy Steps

Watch the quick how-to video and guide steps in performing P/A test with Colitag™.

1.   Aseptically add the contents of one Colitag™ packet to a 100 mL water sample in a sterile vessel.

2.   Secure vessel top and agitate to begin dissolution. Shake periodically until dissolved.

3.   If the sample is not already at 33-38°C, then pre-warm the sample by placing vessel in a 44.5°C water bath for 7 to 10 minutes or alternatively 35°C for 20 minutes.

4.   Incubate sample at 35 ± 0.5°C or according to local regulation temperature for the remainder of the desired incubation time; 16 to 48 hours. 

5.   Visually examine results.

Advantages of the New Colitag™ Packaging

Easy Storage

The new packaging features an improved moisture barrier making it easier to maintain the quality of the product even in areas of higher humidity.

Convenient Packaging

The stick pack is simpler to use and easier to handle. The packs are contained in a dispensing box as individual packets, to dispense of the need to split blisters apart. The stick format significantly reduces the powder fallout which typically occurs during the opening of blister packs.

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Less Shipping and Storage Expenses

The new Colitag™ stick packs are considerably smaller in size, as well as lighter than the former packaging. The box containing 100 Colitag™ tests is 68% smaller and weighs 32% less. Thus, lowering storage and shipping costs.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Since the new packaging is comprised of less material, it is a more ecologically greener solution. Moreover, the stick pack boxes uses ink which is 100% soy based while the paperboard is renewable Forestry Certified.

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